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Vindi likes to keep several blogs to explore all of the different facets of her personality.  Here are some of the blogs that she's currently working on:

Seksie Stories:
Vindi's literotica blog that gives readers a chance to review her latest works of nerdy smut.  Short stories, poetry and chapters of her upcoming urban fantasy/literotica novel Lily Unaware.

So Yeah, That Just Happened:

Vindi's blog of stranger-than-fiction tales from the world of retail.  Good for a laugh if you've ever had to, um, work.

Random Stories:

Vindi's blog for random things that she doesn't have a specific blog for.  Things on here include the ongoing project of her unauthorized autobiography and a parody rap about "Adventure Time."  We told you it was random.

L.A.I.D. (Ladies Against Idiotic Daters):

Vindi thinks that the name says it all, but in case you weren't clear, it's a blog that has some colorful stories about dating disasters that she guest blogs on from time to time!

Nerd Skirters:

This is a pet project that Vindi is trying to get off the ground with her friend who decided to buy a website at three in the morning.  They have a site, a blog, a vlog, a YouTube channel, a Facebook and even some catchy ads.  The site is finally up and running as well as the Facebook page which has been pretty successful so far.  Go check out the point of view from Vindi and her good friend Shelby who write strange blogs and make odd pictures for the Interwebz that are supposed to be funny!

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